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What We Do

Move For Medicine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization relocating patients for access to whole-plant medical cannabis treatment.

Although several states have robust medical cannabis programs, the majority are still prohibition states or allow CBD-only (less than .05% THC) medication.

The children in prohibition states and the children in CBD-only states who do not respond to CBD treatment are denied access to whole-plant medicine.

We relocate children with conditions untreatable with traditional medical therapies, to a whole-plant medical cannabis state in order to receive treatment under a physician’s care. We provide the families of these children with the resources to make moving less challenging and connect them with much-needed services such as hospitals, medical professionals, and support groups.


Why We Do It

As parents of children with conditions that are now being treated successfully with medical cannabis, our founders understand the frustration with traditional medications. Pharmaceuticals didn’t help our children and, in one case, was the cause of death of a child. We can’t help but wonder how our children’s lives may have been different with medical cannabis.

The more we learned about the efficacy of medical cannabis for many life-threatening conditions, the more we wanted to help desperate parents access cannabis therapy for their children.

If you are a parent struggling with traditional treatments for your child’s condition, and are prepared to move to a whole-plant medical cannabis state, Move For Medicine may be able to help.

If you would like to help us move desperately ill children for access to medical cannabis, please donate.


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How You Can Help

Your donation will go toward relocating a child and his or her family for access to medical cannabis. It will also connect the family with needed local services such as hospitals and support groups. A few dollars from you will mean the world to a desperate family.


M4M Tours is the primary fundraiser for Move For Medicine. We host adult tours in states with recreational cannabis laws. Tours include patient-focused education, guided dispensary visits, compassionate care, sight-seeing, and entertainment. Arrange a private tour or join one of our group tours.


Sign up for Amazon Smile and make Move For Medicine your non-profit beneficiary. Your shopping experience will be the same as always and Amazon will make a small donation to Move For Medicine each time you shop. It only takes a moment to set up an account and begin donating.

Donate Airline Miles

Your airline miles could help us relocate a family to a state with a robust medical cannabis program. Each airline miles program has different requirements, so check with your carrier about how you can donate airline miles to Move For Medicine. It’s an easy way to make a big difference!